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  1. Hi there
    I just wanted to check in and let you know we are getting on. We have given our girl the name “Maple” which just suits her just so sweet like Maple Syrup. Maple was very nervous on arrival on Friday she even vomited in the car on the way home, but within a few hours had relaxed and was playing. She stayed reserved for a couple of days and didn’t like anyone walking away from her and leaving her on her own but 5 days in she is zooming around the house, playing and eating – settling in really well. Maple is trying to play with the cats, our male cat will he is just trying to work out how. Our female cat we have to watch a little more closely. Only a couple of toilet accidents, we say “toilet” so much, that when we say it now and she starts walking towards to the door to outside she is very clever.
    Maple comes to work with me, she is very comfortable here and is so tired from the morning plays, that she sleeps the majority of the day away, long may that live!
    We are so in love with Maple and couldn’t imagine life without her already! Maple starts “puppy school” tonight at the vets
    Here are a couple of photos of her, she is just the best. Thank you so much. Kirstin & Scott

  2. We received Billy on Friday and he has very quickly become part of our family. He travelled down to Wellington and was a little anxious on arrival, but within a few hours he was being playful with the kids. He slept through the night in his crate. Day 2 he was eating well and going to the toilet every time we look him outside. A little crying on night 2.
    He is just bringing so much joy to our family. Very cuddly, friendly and great with young kids. We are so grateful for the wonderful start he has had with you.
    Highly recommend.

  3. We have had our gorgeous Teddy since 26 th October a month now. He is just adorable. Thank you for giving him such a great start in life. He is calm, loving, very much part of our family and so responsive to training. He loves everyone he meets and a very gentle puppy.

  4. I love the look of the flat coat version. I don’t think it could be designed much better 🙂

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