1st September 2019

Our next planned litter is expected to be born around the 30th September and be ready for their new homes the 1st week in December.

Jade is Mum and Pette is the Dad. You can see photos of their last litter on Jade and Amber’s page under Our Golden girls.


The 2nd litter (not confirmed in pup yet)  is a Cavoodle F2 litter, Mum is “Poodle Pants” (sorry grand kids named her) a caramel Cavoodle and Dad is Harry also a Cavoodle, Harry is on our web site, Poodle isnt on our web site as she belongs to our grand children.  All their puppies will be golden in colour. She would be due around the 20th October, that makes them ready on the 22 December. Puppies can be held till the 26th if needed.