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Helpful tips and information when adopting one of our puppies.

We ask $500 deposit, due to the amount of interest we get in each litter we cannot hold a puppy without this deposit.  This deposit in not refundable unless the puppy for any reason fails at 8 week vet check.  If this happens we will refund in full or offer you the next available puppy.

If you are unable to take the puppy after you have paid your deposit for any reason, this deposit will be transferred to another litter. This offer is only valid for 12 months from the date you paid your deposit.

We always have people on our waiting lists so in some cases puppies wont be on our website until after they are spoken for. So it is best to let us know well in advance what you are hoping to get.

Our puppies can come in 3 sizes, Toy (smallest) mini {calf height} or maxie (knee height)..

The colours may change a little from birth photos, some puppies get lighter and some darker, white markings can also change, spots on heads and toes can get smaller as puppy grows, most white chest markings get bigger and more noticeable. We take photos at birth, 4 weeks and 7 weeks.

Puppies are all born short coated and this will grow as puppy gets older. Also pigmentation on noses and pads keep changing until puppy is fully grown, so some of our coloured puppies may have pink and black noses as babies but in most cases this is black by adulthood. Depending on who the parents are some puppies will have chocolate noses and green eyes.

Puppy will benefit from a groom at around 5 months old, even if it is just a visit to groomer for a bath and blow-dry.

Always keep an eye on puppy’s bottoms that they are clean and free of mated hair, you may trim here gently yourself. Also keep hair trimmed around eyes to stop the hair getting into them, we will show you how to do this.

Visits are only after the puppies have had their 1st vet check and vaccinations. The health and wellbeing is very important and this is done to protect the puppies at a young age.

We try to have a meet and greet with all local families once puppies are  8 weeks, the remainder of the purchase price is payable at that time. When paying the final amount if doing online banking please make sure that funds will show in our account the day before you are due to pick up puppy. We are unable to do phone transfers on pick up day so to save any delays please don’t leave this till the last minute or you may find you will need to wait another day.

On adoption day we will give you the puppies, toy, blanket, vet book, microchip information and a bit of his/her food they have been on. Be prepared for a few unsettled nights with your new baby, sometimes over the 1st few days puppy wont eat that much, dont worry just keep trying different things and they will eat when they are ready.

If you are going to crate your puppy do not use the soft crates and they be come very stuffy and hot in a short time. You are best with wire crates, you can find these at the warehouse or K mart.

Please be on time for any viewing appointments or your time visiting the puppies may be limited due to any other commitments or appointments we may have on the same day. When doing bank payments please use the reference we give you and if payment is not in the same name as your e mail please let us know this also so we can make sure that we allocate the right puppy to the right family at the time.

Don’t forget to register the microchip number into your name, this is done by logging into the web site address on the card we give you when you pick puppy up.

Our diet sheet is also on this website so please read it carefully in case you have  questions to ask at your meet and greet.

Please do not leave urgent messages by e mail as i dont check my e mails more than a couple times a day.