Helpful tips and information when adopting one of our puppies, please read before contacting us if you are interested in one of our puppies. I have added more at the bottom of this page as a glide to how your puppy pick it made.

Please e mail us for more information on our litters at after reading.

DEPOSITS: On puppies already born we ask $500 deposit. On unborn puppies we ask a $300 deposit payable once we have bred one of the girls. We take 4 to 6 names per litter depending on the individual girl. Due to the amount of interest we get in each litter we cannot hold any puppy without a deposit. Prices range from $4000 to $6000 depending on what the parents are.

Deposit will be refunded if the puppy for any reason fails at the 8 week vet check.  If this happens we will refund in full or offer you the next available puppy. Finding a puppy with another breeder or changing your mind will see you forfeit 50% toward a administration fee of your deposit as we have in good faith held your name on our list or held a puppy for you and have turned other suitable families away. On paying your deposit you are agreeing to our deposit policy.  


If you are interested in one of our puppies please fill out the PUPPY APPLICATION FORM, this does not guarantee you a puppy it just tells us more about you and the home you can offer and we add this to our list to contact families when we have puppies on the way.

P.N. We no longer offer litter transfers. 

PUPPY SELECTION (****also see notes below)Pick of puppies is done on deposit date order on each litter so 1st to pay deposit will get 1st pick and so on. When putting down a deposit on an unborn puppy we can not guarantee a boy, girl, coat or color If you only want ether a boy or girl please let us know at the time you pay deposit. Once puppy is born the 2nd part of the deposit ($300 to $500) is payable on conformation we have a puppy suitable for you, this must be paid within 24 hours of us confirming we have a puppy for you.

Please make sure that you are able to take puppy when he/she is ready to go as any delay of more than a few days will incur boarding fees, please do not book holidays around the time your puppy is ready to leave us. Any delay in picking up may see you puppy offered to another family so it is very important that you are aware of the dates puppies are ready to go and we will update you on this date as often as we can but rule of thumb is 8 1/2 weeks from date of birth. 

VISITING PUPPIES Visits are only after the puppies have had their 1st vet check and vaccinations at 8 weeks. The health and well being is very important and this is done to protect the puppies at a young age. Please do not ask us to visit before this age.

PLEASE NOTE. Due to Covid-19 we are sorry but we no longer hold our meet and greet weekends, these have been canceled till such time we feel it is safe again. This is for your own safety as well as our own family’s.

PHOTOS:  We sent photos of puppies once born, then normally at around 3 weeks old once eyes are open, again at 5 weeks when they start to walk and play and then at around 7 to 8 weeks we will post the litter in our gallery. Most photos are of the family.


Puppies do not leave us till around  8 1/2  weeks of age, sometimes older all depending on their independent assessments at this time. The price is set at the time of a deposit being paid and may vary within a litter .We always have people on our puppy lists so in many cases puppies wont be on our website until after they are spoken for. So it is best to let us know well in advance what you are hoping to get.

Before paying a deposit please make sure that your whole family is already behind you getting a puppy and if you are renting please check this out 1st before committing to getting a pet. With the hundreds of e mails we get for each litter it is sometimes impossible to contact everyone at the same time once puppies are born so it is best to keep watching our web-site for updates.

Also please make sure you ask any questions before putting down a deposit as once deposit paid it is not refundable if you realize one of our puppies are not for you. All the information is on our website about the parents of any puppies so please read this carefully. We welcome questions to try and sort out the right puppy for you and your family.

SIZES Our puppies can come in 3 sizes, fully grown:

Toy (smallest) under 28 cm tall weighting less than 5kgs.

Mini Cavoodle size is over 28 cm to 35 cm, weighting over 5kgs to 8 kgs. (our most common size)

Maxi is over 35 cm to 45 cm and up to 12 kgs.

There is much confusion  about Toy and mini sizes.  One parent being a toy poodle does not guarantee that the puppy you get will be a Toy, in fact most are not toy Cavoodles they are mini Cavoodles and they should be classified by their heights and weights not their parents breeding as all Cavoodles are cross breds. A guide that can be used for small breeds is the following. At 6 weeks of age weigh puppy and double it then double it again to get adult weight.

The colours may change a little from birth photos, some puppies get lighter and some darker, white markings can also change, spots on heads and toes can get smaller as puppy grows, most white chest markings get bigger and more noticeable.

Puppies are all born short coated and this normally grows as puppy gets older (expect a shortcoat)  and will keep growing throughout their lifetime. Also pigmentation on noses and pads keep changing until puppy is fully grown, so some of our coloured puppies may have pink and black noses as babies but in most cases this is black by adulthood. Depending on who the parents are some puppies will have chocolate noses and green eyes, short or long coats, straight or curly.

No matter what cross your puppy is it is always near impossible to guarantee the coats they will have as adults. Coats can come in 3 lengths, short, mid and long, once again hard to guarantee with a young puppy.


Once puppies have had their vet checks at  8 weeks, the remainder of the purchase price is payable.  When paying the final amount if doing online banking please make sure that funds will show in our account before you are due to pick up puppy. We are unable to do phone transfers on pick up day so to save any delays please don’t leave this till the last minute or you may find you will need to wait another day. If you are unable to make adoption day we are happy to hold puppies a few days but any longer than 3 days after the litter is due to left us we may charge for boarding as even one puppy is a lot of work as puppies live inside with us and we would need continue their house training. If your puppy is flying we do keep them a few days longer as we dont like to fly puppies under 9 weeks.

On adoption day we will give you the puppies, toy, blanket, vet book, microchip information and a bit of his/her food they have been on. Be prepared for a few unsettled nights with your new baby, sometimes over the 1st few days puppy wont eat that much, dont worry just keep trying different things and they will eat when they are ready. Please be on time for any viewing appointments or your time visiting the puppies may be limited due to any other commitments or appointments we may have on the same day. When doing bank payments please use the reference we give you.


Puppy will benefit from a groom at around 5 months old if long coated, even if it is just a visit to groomer for a bath and blow-dry.

Always keep an eye on puppy’s bottoms that they are clean and free of matted hair, you may trim here gently yourself. Also keep hair trimmed around eyes to stop the hair getting into them, we will show you how to do this on your visit.

If you are going to crate your puppy do not use the soft crates and they be come very stuffy and hot in a short time. You are best with wire crates, with wire play pens attached, you can find these at the warehouse or K mart.

Don’t forget to register the microchip number into your name, this is done by logging into the web site address on the card we give you when you pick puppy up. The cost is around $15. You can do this at

Our diet sheet is also on this website so please read it carefully in case you have  questions to ask at your meet and greet.

Please DO NOT  get your puppy vaccinated for Lepto until at least 16 weeks of age, in fact dont get it unless you really feel it is warranted. 

When taking puppy to vets for vaccinations please put worming and any flea treatment off for a few days as not to overload a tiny puppy with to many chemicals at once. Also please NEVER use any form of flea tablet on your puppy or adult dogs.

Please DO NOT  take your puppy out to meet other dogs or puppies or to any parks or puppy classes until your puppy has had his/her 2nd vaccination plus 10 days. The date of this 2nd vaccination is in the vet book you get along with your puppy. This is very important for the well bring and health of your puppy. If you have visitors with dogs please ask them not to bring their dogs until after this time.

Please do not leave urgent messages by e mail as i dont check my e mails more than a couple times a day.

We have done this page to help everyone have a better understanding about our puppies, mostly they are answers to questions we have been asked and each time we are asked something not covered here i will add it.

****Added information to understand puppy placements. 

One of the most asked questions asked is how do we choose our puppy. In a perfect litter this is done by date order of deposits paid BUT there are many variants to that. Some want girls or boys and wont chance their minds, that’s fine but if there are not enough to go around they ether take the puppy we offer you or we refund your deposit. Once litter is born we try and accommodate everyone. If you can not make the date of pickup you will loss your order on our list to pick puppy. Once puppy is born make sure that you cant take puppy 8 1/2 weeks from birthdate give or take a few days. If the timing doent work please don’t pay a deposit on a puppy.

Pick-up dates are normally between 2 noon and 2.30 of a Friday, we keep pickup times to 30 minutes per family to save puppies getting over handled or tired.  This will allow you to get get puppy settled.

Before paying your deposit, please fill out our puppy form and tell us if you have asthmatics in your family, only want a boy/girl, only want a long cavoodle coat or a short coat and we can make notes on puppies files at that time and once born we can start to fit the right puppy to the right family. Those that just want a puppy and dont mind sex, color or coats puppy maybe be or have will always get a puppy in that litter.

If puppy is flying the airfare and balance of puppy needs to be paid before a booking will be made as there are no refunds from Air NZ on tickets.