Amber and Jade are stunning purebred Buff American Cocker Spaniels sisters, both girls have  had one litter to Pette and produced the best looking puppies ever (photos below) .
 They are always golden in color with big ears and fabulous temperaments.
We have used the American Cocker Spaniel in our Golden-oodle breeding as we find they dont shed anywhere as much as their cousins the Cavaliers and English Cockers Spaniels. This insures a better more stable non shedding coat when bred to a Poodle such as Pette.
The American Cocker is smaller than the English Cocker, closer to its smaller cousin, the Cavalier King Charles. Crossed with a poodle this cross is known as, a Cockapoo, Golden-oodle, Yankee-oodle, Spoodle.
We use the wording Golden-oodle as we think this describes the puppies best.