Amber and Jade are  stunning purebred Buff American Cocker Spaniels who are litter sisters.
 Their puppies are always golden in color with big ears and fabulous temperaments.
We have used the American Cocker Spaniel in our Golden-oodle breeding as we find they dont shed anywhere as much as their cousins the Cavaliers and English Cockers Spaniels. This insures a better more stable non shedding coat when bred to a Poodle such as Pette or Toby. They are a good miniature side dog.
The American Cocker is smaller than the English Cocker, closer to its smaller cousin, the Cavalier King Charles. Crossed with a poodle this cross is known as, a Cockapoo, Golden-oodle, Yankee-oodle, Spoodle.
We use the wording Golden-oodle as we think this describes the puppies best.