Short coated Cavoodles also known as flat or straight coat Cavoodles are a very new concept in Cavoodle breeding, many breeders have not given these lovely dogs the same kudos as their long haired brothers and sisters.
Short coated cavoodles have the same super nature seen in traditional Cavoodles, they can shed but this is not hugely noticeable like it is in many short coated dogs.   Born looking just like their siblings it is very hard to tell that you actual have one until they are around 8 to 16 weeks old, sometimes it is not noticeable until they start to grow out their adult coat between 6 and 9 months of age.
Cavoodles are easy to spot thats for sure but a short coated Cavoodle  can confuse many people as to what they really are. These dogs are great for those that dont want to have to have their dogs groomed every 3 months or who dont want the worry of dealing with long coated wet dogs over winter.
Short Coated Cavoodles can come in a range of colours just like traditional Cavoodles.